Tips for those looking for property to rent in LondonPeople looking for property to rent in Fulham, flats to rent in Tooting or residences anywhere else in the UK may wish to consider the advice of the Guardian’s so-called Negotiator Marc Lockley.

The property expert has issued would-be renters with some tips on how to conduct their house search.

He suggested that any initial meeting with a private landlord is all about establishing a relationship of trust.

Moreover, house hunters were told to stay “keen but not committed”, as landlords who sense a tenant is desperate to move into a property may set a higher price for the compared to others.

“It is important not to give off too many positive signals when you are viewing,” Mr Lockley commented.

The Negotiator also explained that it is important that the landlord is made aware that the renter has other options for a place to live.

Meanwhile, landlords are generally obliged to undertake credit checks on their tenants. Most will ask for references before offering customers a tenancy agreement to sign.