Property for Rent in Dubai

The Dubai rentals market may be showing signs of a recovery but there are still quite a few things that one needs to watch out for. Not everyone dealing in Property for rent in Dubai is authorized to liaison between property owners and prospective tenants. There are quite a few entities that are dealing in rentals without possessing the necessary permits and licenses from the authorities. There are regular incidents coming to light about tenants being inconvenienced due to such illegal property dealers. Not only are people swindled out of their hard earned money, they are also at risk of losing their homes.


In such cases, one needs to be aware about the steps that they must take when searching for Property for Rent in Dubai. The tenancy contract, signed on between a tenant and the landlord or the authorized representative of the landlord is extremely important. Thus, one must ensure complete and authentic documentation before the contract is signed. All terms and conditions mentioned therein must be clarified and agreed to by the parties involved.


Here are the 4 Winning Tips to Remember When Looking at Property for Rent in Dubai :

  1. For each rental transaction, the landlord, property consultant or the brokerage firm representing the property owner must furnish certain valid documents. These include the Deed of Title to the property being rented out, a copy of the passport and the registration card issued to the property consultant/ brokerage firm by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), Dubai
  2. It must also be ensured that the name of the title deed (be it in an individual’s name or that of a company) must be the one that is mentioned in the rental contract
  3. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) that is the sole supplier of essential utilities has mandated that the title deed be presented as documentation when applying for connections
  4. Registration of the tenancy contract must also be done on Ejari, the online portal operated by RERA. While it is primarily the responsibility of the landlord, the procedure may even be affected by tenants, should it be missed out on by the former?


In-spite of the authorities ramping up measures to weed out irregularities, there are instances of unscrupulous elements wreaking havoc among tenants and landlords alike. Awareness about the rental contract and due diligence by the prospective tenant would go a long way in reducing such instances. It is therefore hoped that the above discussed aspects are borne in mind when searching for Property for Rent in Dubai.

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